Michigan’s Ruth Ellis center informs students about its life-changing abilities for LGBTQ+ Teens and more

15.May.2019 Fran├žois Benson
Members of RHS’s boardgame club and its LGBTQ+ support group alliance leave their mark on the Ruth Ellis Center’s Chalkboard wall dedicated for leaving positive messages.

Members of RHS LGBTQ+ support group alliance and boardgame club members were invited to attend the field trip to the Ruth Ellis Center in Highland Park, Michigan on May 15, 2019.

Students who attended were given a brief presentation and tour of the facility.

The Ruth Ellis Center is a supporting facility not only for the homeless but for runaways who identify themselves with the LGBTQ+ community specifically teens.

The Ruth Ellis center facility not only cares for those who homeless but also cares for those who may have been runaways due to them coming out to their parents.

The Ruth Ellis center is considered an open safe space for those who identify themselves LGBTQ+ and want to reform their lives and finally be accepted for who they really are despite the harsh circumstances that could be occurring in their household.

The Ruth Ellis Center was founded by American Activist, Ruth Charlotte Ellis.

Ellis is commonly known as one of the first African Americans to come out as someone who associates themselves with the LGBTQ+ Community despite the harsh racial climate that African Americans experienced in the 1900s.

Ellis opened up her personal home to those who also identified as LGBTQ+ during these times.

Two of the people who Ellis opened her personal home to John Allen and Kofi Adoma decided to spread the impact Ruth Ellis had on them by establishing the Ruth Ellis Center in 1999 which happened to be the same year Ruth Ellis celebrated her 101st birthday.

Since the establishment of the Ruth Ellis center in 1999, the Ruth Ellis center is continuing to open more establishments to better the lives of LGBTQ+ Runaways.

The Ruth Ellis Center is one of the only licensed foster care facilities in the entire country.

40% of the Nation’s homelessness are people who identify as LGBTQ+. The Ruth Ellis center has a sensible approach to problems who it comes to figuring out why the runaways who come to the center are dealing with the problems they have.

The center identifies primary caregivers of the runaways and tries to get families to understand what it really means to come out as LGBTQ+ with the help of its Pilot program.

The pilot program has a 97% rate with the reforming of families and getting them to come to an understanding as to what it means to identify in the LGBTQ+ community.

The Ruth Ellis centers main purpose is to reform all runaway teens and those experiencing homelessness and give them a sense of hope in life.

RHS members of the LGBTQ+ support group alliance enjoy the Air Hockey table at the Ruth Ellis Center

The Ruth Ellis center also offers STD Testing, Sex protection merchandise, and other free medical services.

The Ruth Ellis Center offers paid internships and employment opportunities to everyone no matter what race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.